XLConnect: Frequently Asked Questions

In the two months since the first release of XLConnect we have received some great feedback from the community. Most questions we saw seemed to cluster around a few central topics – memory issues, font styling and Excel feature support. We’ve now distilled our answers to these questions into an FAQ document on our web site to help you get the most out of XLConnect. If you have any feedback please let us know so that we can improve it further!

In the mean time, we’ve also been working on the next release of XLConnect which will contain a number of bug fixes & new features which should help deal with some of the issues that keep popping up in the FAQ, so expect another update soon!


About Mirai Solutions

Mirai Solutions is an independent consulting company with broad expertise in statistics, finance and IT. Together with our customers, we design and implement smart sustainable solutions ranging from small-scale software components or prototypes to enterprise-wide applications and platforms, positioning your organization for long-term success. Our interdisciplinary team can help you cover all aspects in developing the tools and processes you need to interpret complex statistical data and transform them into better business decisions. Be it highly customized and specialized advisory services and risk management solutions for financial services institutions, or more general statistical or IT consulting, or training courses on related topics, Mirai offers the appropriate services for all cases. At Mirai, we pride ourselves in the high level of customer satisfaction among all our existing clients.
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One Response to XLConnect: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. freesoft says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

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